L.B. White Unit Diffuser for Premier 80 & 80DF

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Premier 80 2.0 must be paired with this unit diffuser for distributing heated air inside tent with heater setup outside. This convenient unit diffuser allows heated air to be distributed inside a tented space when used with L.B. White Premier 80 2.0 portable heaters. Diffusers for portable gas heaters spread the heat to evenly warm a space. Unit diffuser connects to the output end of the heater and have blades that direct or diffuse the warmed air into a space for even heat distribution. Connects to heater fast with easy magnetic connection. No duct kit required. Optimal for applications where heater can be right next to the tented space

  • Unit Diffuser connects to the LB White Premier 80 2.0 heater
  • Fast magnetic connection
  • Fold out arms at outlet minimizes heat escape at tent wall
  • Easy carrying handle